Friday, April 21, 2006

Near death experiences...

Every day in America, patients have their heart fibrillated and rhythm restored during testing of automatic defibrillators - about as close to a "near death" experience as I know. I still have NEVER heard of a "near death" experience like seeing a white light, etc. during these moments. Could it be the sedation? Does this jolt happen so quickly that no such experience occurs? I'm just fascinated that researchers found so many such subjects like those studied in the April 11th issue of Neurology and reported on the the LA Times.


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Helen said...

Hi Dr. Wes,

I don't remember anything when I had my ICD put in and tested--although I must say that the best experience I ever had was the twilight sleep that I got when I had my last electrophysiology study--I felt great--but like you said, it must have been the sedation.