Friday, October 13, 2006

Why Doctors Resist the EMR

( Cartoon from Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, "Random Zits," Andrews McNeal Publishing, 2004)

Top Ten Reasons Electronic Medical Records Aren’t Catching On With Doctors

10) Privacy concerns and concerns about controlling access to records

9) Cost

8) Inability to archive and retrieve graphical information (EKG's, rhythm strips, photos, etc.)

7) Computer system obsolescence and need for renewed investment later

6) Lack in system interconnectivity and the continued need for redundant data entry across platforms.

5) Time for data entry

4) Pay for Performance and its implementation using the EMR (A must-read example: via Dr. Rant)

3) Docotes caoifg thyk

2) Soxters can”t t7pe

1) Doctors can’t type!

- Wes

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Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind ... this touches on what we're doing in one of my courses right now, and I just snagged this post and dropped it into my classroom thread.

I put your link in, too ...