Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Swimmers and Cell Phones

My cell phone’s internet connection icon whirred as I checked my Sitemeter stats. Only my faithful Three Readers today. Damn, I thought, as my gonads shriveled further. My poor little swimmers took a hit with that check, I learned. But maybe that’s a good thing…. I’ve got three healthy kids after all!

Let’s see, check my e-mail, check Sitemeter again, check my other e-mail, check my third e-mail, check work e-mail, check Bloglines, check my voicemail. Check them again. (After all, I am a * sniff * Blogaholic!)


“Yes, dear?”

“I think it’s safe now.”

“Safe for what?”

“Well, given my cellular exposure, I should be shooting blanks.”

“Get a life.”

‘nough said.



Anonymous said...

*LOL* Dr. Wes ... buck up, my dear ... there will always be some slower days. Hope you're counting me as one of your "faithful readers!"

And don't forget that many of your more blog-savvy addicts might be keeping a close eye on you through their RSS readers ... like Bloglines.

So - hang in there, don't give up! We're still out here!

By the way ... is that cat pregnant ... or just overfed? ;o)

Dr. A said...

Aw, c'mon. You're the most fertile man in the blogosphere! BTW, have you seen my cell phone?

Cathy said...

I hope I am a faithful reader? Moof is right, alot of people just read through bloglines and that plays heck with your sitemeter counts. I don't think I much like bloglines anymore.

DrWes said...

Dr. A:
Is that what's vibrating in my pocket? (Yes, dear, I'll be right there....)

And Cathy, Moof, Dr. A: There's my three! ;)

Thanks for posting!!!!