Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Tough Guy Does CPR Hard and Fast

While it might not be quite as funny as the Portugese Cardiology Foundation's Big Belly People video which takes a stab at the obesity epidemic, the British Heart Foundation does a pretty good job getting the "hard and fast" message out for "hands-only CPR" using British tough-guy Vinnie Jones in its new TV ad:




Pluripotent said...

Don't suppose you've seen this one:


Tim Hulsey, MD said...

First, there was the Mafia. The, gangsta rap. Now, we've got gangsta medicine! Ba-da-bing!!

Will that be part of Obamacare?

Lisa said...

Last weekend I was talking to my son (a paramedic) about CPR. He said he sings "Another One Bites the Dust" when he's doing compressions...I know, kind of sick.

Anonymous said...

"Here's one I made earlier"
-SCRN :o)