Friday, January 13, 2012

My Health Care System Starts a Blog

This post represents post number 3000 to this blog. (Not all have been published - some sit as kernels of brilliance to bestow upon my readership at a later date when the time is right or after I rework them a bit). As striking as that may seem to some, I must say that this effort was finally acknowledged by my institution in an indirect fashion: they launched their own blog today. Very cool. It looks nice, but like most blogs just getting started, I suspect it will take them a while to find their "voice." Still, it's nice to see them entering the fray.

Social media with it's quick, informative blasts of information is particularly suited to today's more mobilely-connected patients. Gone are the days of cloaked, back-room, one-on-one information exchanges held solely in the privacy of a doctor's office. Instead, the ability of people to receive information quickly and interact with trusted sources of that information adds benefit to the health care experience for both the patient and the their care providers. With their blog's launch today, my hospital system has officially complemented their other Trifecta of social media engagement already underway: (1) Facebook, (2) Twitter, and (3) Youtube.

So while it's just a start, here's welcoming NorthShore University Health System's PR department to the blog-o-sphere. Head on over and offer them a bit of link-love. That way, they'll have to keep me around just a little bit longer.



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