Friday, January 13, 2012

Fisher House Reaches LeapFrog Status

PRWeb (Chicago, IL) – Following an unprecedented first winter snowfall, the Fisher household achieved LeapFrog status attaining complete snow removal by no later than one hour before family members were scheduled to egress the premises. “This represents a landmark achievement by any house in the neighborhood,” says Mortimer T. Schnerd member of the 12-member LeapFrog assessment team. For the second year in a row, not only will the Fisher residence reach the 100-Most Wired Houses milestone, but also reach the US News and World Reports 100-Best Small Houses ranking on the North Shore of Chicago. “I would have also picked up the dog poop in the yard, but that was not in my wheelhouse,” said Westby Fisher, MD, owner of the esteemed home, “It was only through the tireless efforts of the whole family team, that we were able to reach this important benchmark.”

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Tim Hulsey, MD said...

One inch of snow, 18 degrees in Kentucky. Feels like Chicago! Oh, for a hot slice from Pizzeria Uno.. Or Due! Or bananas Foster crepes at Yolk!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Hulsey,

Perhaps it has been awahile since you were in Chicago... Uno and Due are not the same. I'm an "expert" from the 70's.

Tim Hulsey, MD said...

Anonymous said, "... Uno and Due are not the same... "
One isn't good? Better than any deep dish pizza I get here!