Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Looks Like a Pulse Oximeter to Me

Nintendo's "new" heart rate monitor peripheral for their new (as yet unannounced) Wii game:
The device – a pulse sensor that clips on to the player’s finger and connects to the Nintendo Wii controller – measures heart rate to determine levels of excitement, nervousness and even concentration.

Mr Iwata said he believed gadgets like the Wii Vitality Sensor would help to tap in to a new audience of gamers. “Traditionally, video games have been used to create excitement, but it may not be long before games help people unwind or even fall asleep,” he told the audience at the E3 video games expo in Los Angeles.
Man, think of the fun they could have with end-tidal CO2 monitors, esophageal and rectal temperature probes!

Now THAT would be exciting!


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Marco said...

I fly alot, and am always thankful that the 'shoe bomber guy' was not the 'shorts bomber guy'...