Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to Fund Your Cardiovascular Company

... have a Texas governor pass a bill mandating insurers pay for cardiovascular screening. The conflicts of interests involved, as I've reviewed earlier here and here, are staggering, but hey, it's all about making sure more people are considered sick so we can make them better, right?


h/t: Schwitzer Health News blog.


Maureen said...

And then we wonder why health insurance is so expensive and why so many people can't afford insurance....

Ayse said...

well, the game is called free market economy: live like there is no tomorrow. mastery is to create demand for your product; voila you can too take advantage of our great national treasure just like those irresponsible wall street gangs did. come to think of it though this tradition probably began with the snake oil sellers, so we keep repackaging our gift of entrepreneur nature.