Monday, October 25, 2010

More EP Woo: The Hill Gets Duped

Politics and medicine shouldn't mix.

To prove the point, The Hill recently ran a story reviewing a study that suggested that cell phones may cause heart irregularities.

Little did they know that the "study" is nothing more than a re-hash of the author's concocted "electrohypersensitivity syndrome" that I de-bunked earlier in November, 2009. Seems these guys can't get enough of their fear-mongering tactics.

Note that the current 23 October 2010 press release claiming "new research" that was "just published" in the obscure print-only Italian journal European Journal of Oncology uses the exact same data graphs they used in their earlier 'work' in November, 2009.



Addendum: "Electrohypersensivity syndrome" link fixed.

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