Monday, October 25, 2010

Election 2010: Dr. Wes to Host Grand Rounds

In just eight short days America will head to the polls to vote for their favorite midterm candidates. In the next six short days, you can have an opportunity to tell your candidates what you think of health care today.

That's because yours truly will be hosting the Election 2010: The Politically (In)Correct Edition of Grand Rounds. Think "Indecision 2010."

But before you Tea Party and Coffee Party candidates "tea" off on each other to bring the world the best of the medical blog-o-sphere, please realize there are carefully crafted ground rules for engagement.

So if you want to be included, send me your most politically incorrect OR (if you must) politically correct blog post title, it's URL, and the STATE (OR COUNTRY) YOU REPRESENT. Send your "candidate entries" to wes-at-medtees-dot-com and include "Grand Rounds" somewhere on the subject line (otherwise, your entry might be classified as political porno spam).

Be creative. Make a statement. Don't be shy. Write like your political career depends on it!

The most PG-13 or R-rated politically-incorrect entries (think: a whole new way to take back medicine, weird cases, radiology of sex (good Sitemeter candy) - those types of things) OR best of class of politically-correct entries (patient care experiences, teachable moments) will receive top billing. "Do-gooder" entries like healthy eating or living tips need not apply (this is politics, remember - IT'S ALL ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT VALUE!).

Entries must be submitted by 23:59 pm on 31 October 2010 (yup, Halloween evening) to be considered.

See you at the polls!


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