Thursday, April 05, 2007

Really Helping Our Needy

This evening, I saw a spot on the news about a new Illinois "comprehensive" health website to serve as a safety net for those without insurance in our state. I decided to peruse some of the offerings and had to check out the I-Save Rx link which promises to save our needy folks up to 40% on the cost of heart medications. Just dial 1-866-I-SAVE33 and earn a whopping 44% off your next prescription of Zocor imported from Australia, England, New Zealand or Canada!

Never mind that 100 pills (a 3-month, 10 day supply of 100 tablets of 40mg tablets of generic simvastatin from the USA) can be obtained at CostCo for $28.15 - a 93% savings.

Although some have certainly found benefit with the I-Save program, if we really want to help out the needy, why not make such information about generic drug alternatives available on the website as well?

Or could it be that special interests that contribute to governmental coffers might be making a killing on this program at the little guy's expense?


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