Friday, April 27, 2007

Feeling Guilty

I lied today.

I feel guilty.

But it was good.

I feel a bit like Robin Hood: stealing from the wealthy and giving to the poor.

So in order to clear my consciousness, I'll confess to my transgression...

... I am not authorized to practice medicine in the state of California, yet clicked on a webscreen button intended only for California physicians.

It seems California doctors are special, at least in the eyes of Kaiser Permanente, when it comes to making helpful suggestions about managing heart disease.
We have designed our website to help everyone in our communities have the healthiest heart possible. Our clinical experts understand the critical role that individual clinicians play in helping their patients lead heart-healthy lives. We want to provide a resource to California practitioners in their efforts to help their California patients make healthy heart choices about their lives. If you are a California clinician, we hope that the Kaiser Permanente tools and resources we are offering on our website will be useful for you in your practice. Over time, we are planning to add more resources as we develop them. This information is not intended to provide medical advice or services to any individual.
But you know what? Their recommendations aren't bad. Their flow charts and data seem sound, and they might just help doctors of the front lines of health care around the world remember a simple approach to evidence-based management of common cardiovascular ailments.

But there's just one catch...

... if you don't practice medicine in California, you'll have to lie to use them.



Dr. Deb said...

No harm, no foul, I say.

Anonymous said...

The VA does not require you to have a CA license to practice in CA. IL will do just fine. So, you are licensed to take care of veterans in CA.
Therefore, not a lie.