Wednesday, September 20, 2006

World Heart Day

In case you missed it, "World Heart Day" is coming on 24 September 2006. Sponsored by the World Heart Organization, a nongovernmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, that "is committed to helping the global population achieve a longer and better life through prevention and control of heart disease and stroke, with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries. It is comprised of 189 member societies of cardiology and heart foundations from over 100 countries covering the regions of Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas and Africa."

Their campaign, "How Young Is Your Heart," will include health checks, walks, runs, jump rope, fitness sessions, public talks, stage shows, scientific forums, exhibitions, concerts and sports tournaments. Last year in Singapore for example, a World Heart Day heart fair attracted over 60,000 participants who took part in health screenings, aerobics classes, health quizzes, exhibits, school performances, nutritional counselling and food sampling.

In reviewing the upcoming activites planned, I was interested to see that India has many activities planned, but the other largest population center, China, with its large smoking population, was as yet unlisted, even though there have been reports suggesting that the smoking incidence there is decreasing.

Coronary artery disease and stroke are clearly global disease processes, and the organizers should be congratulated in their efforts to raise heart disease awareness.


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