Saturday, September 09, 2006

Notre Dame vs. Michigan

I had the luck of knowing a guy (he's a Domer) who has four precious tickets to the Notre Dame/Michigan game next week, and was kind enough to offer one "golden ticket" to yours truly. I mentioned this to a colleague of mine, and asked him what I should wear, since I was not affiliated with either of the teams involved, but wanted to "show my support." My colleague suggested at first that I dress like a leprechaun. "Nope, I just can't do it," I said, "and that might be taken as an insult."

So he thought a bit longer and suggested I wear a "Beer Belly" and strap on a "Stadium Buddy."

Although I don't have the nerve, I bet I see tons of these at the game. The funniest part of this are the excuses people give to get these past security:
  • This is a medical device that I think we’d both prefer not discussing or viewing in public.

  • My wife is pregnant and, as part of our maternity class, I have to develop empathy by wearing this thing around in order to look fat and give myself backaches.

  • Department of Homeland Security. We’re testing a new stealth form of body armor to protect our undercover agents overseas in the Global War on Terror. Don’t make me shut this place down.

  • It’s full of urine, so step back or you’re gonna be sorry.

  • It’s part of my religion to wear this…non-Muslim, of course.

  • Want a beer?


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