Thursday, April 03, 2008

Under the Quality Microscope

Uh, pardon me. Will someone tell me which of these groups we should report our healthcare quality statistics to so I can be sure to get my gold stars?
Consumer-Purchaser Disclosure Project
National Quality Forum
Agency for Health Care Research and Quality
American Health Quality Organization
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
The Joint Commission
The National Association of Health Care Quality
Quality Inter-agency Coordination Task Force
American Board of Health Care Specialties
The Leapfrog Group
The Institute of Medicine
The Premier Patient Safety Group
National Patient Safety Foundation
The Illinois Foundation for Quality Healthcare
Just askin'.



Anonymous said...

And that's just a start at all the "quality" reporting agencies that your hospital and others report to. I'm sure your local Blue carrier has measures to quality for additional payments too. This is certainly part of the reason for all those quality officers/nurses, etc running around hospitals...more overhead for sure.

The Happy Hospitalist said...

you report to whom ever sends you your money. Of course