Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bad Timing

I don't know about you, but if this story was on the front page of the Chicago Tribune on the 3rd of April, why on earth would your hospital send out this press release about your new $120-million-dollar facility on the 4th of April?
Each of the 64 new private rooms has a large bathroom, flat-screen television, wireless internet access and plenty of natural light through large windows. East-facing rooms offer views of the Chicago skyline and Miller Meadow forest preserve. The rooms have calming colors, and patients have the option of turning down the lighting.

Earth, water and sky themes echo throughout the building. In the atrium lobby, water cascades down an 18-foot waterfall. The lobby, finished in natural materials such as white maple and Egyptian limestone, is named for former LUHS Board Chairman Frank W. Considine and his wife, Nancy S. Considine. Their pledged gift helped to create the welcoming area.
And today, another front-page story appears.

Someone may want to talk to their PR department.

Then again, I guess woo sells.


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Dan Walter said...

Hi Doc,

I thought that since you are an electrophysiologist you might find my blog interesting:

I do not want to be too shrill or abrasive. I have benefited from the comments of other physicians and made some suggested changes. I'm wondering if you'd have any constructive criticism - off the record if you like.

Dan Walter