Monday, April 28, 2008

Stand Proud

Stand proud, young doctor, as you no longer get pizza for lunch from drug and industry reps. Medical students, residents, staff physicians and nurses the world over can look forward to the fact that no impropriety can ever be bestowed upon them since they will no longer be coerced by those clueless drug and industry reps. That's right, no more toys.




So carry the flag of purity proudly.

Meanwhile, rest assured that others will be wined and dined to discuss the next purchasing contract, and some hospital administrators will continue to rub noses with their existing contract recipients in Las Vegas. Feel good knowing that once their contracts are re-approved, those same contractors will become a Premium Sponsor of the next Hospital Gala to the support the hospital's philanthropy fund...or, maybe a round of golf? After all, we mustn't forget that hospitals ARE the economy!

So hold your head high, dear employees, as you buy your own lunch. Take pride that your integrity can no longer be questioned, your mission pure, and the cause just...

...and revel in the knowledge that others are still making out like bandits.



The Happy Hospitalist said...

Well said.

You forgot about the wheelin' and dealin' with all the lawyers and the Congress. Oh lordy. The Congress. Don't get me started...

Anonymous said...

"Dr. Arthur S. Levine, dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said that when he graduated from medical school in 1964, Eli Lilly gave him his first doctor’s bag, and Roche gave him an Omega watch for being valedictorian. He still has the watch.

But this year’s graduating class of doctors at Pittsburgh will not be allowed to accept any of these gifts, and the daily pizza lunches brought by drug companies are gone, he said."

Well, at least he doesn't try to hide the hypocrisy.

Tim said...

I read your post twice and I still can't figure out whether you're being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Dr Wes, you have hit the nail on the head. The day that a pizza gets me to change how I treat my patients is the day I pack it in.
Meanwhile, the "good guys" pack their bags for Las Vegas or Marina del Rey!!! Lord help us all!

DrWes said...

Sarcasm? Me? Never! ;)

docandchief -
That's okay. Maybe they'll losen up a bit after a few Margaritas....