Friday, December 21, 2007

My Plan B

If things get too bad from the Medicare cuts, I think I just found my Plan B...



Kb said...

These patients might listen better! :)

JoshMD said...

good idea but i've got a better one :)

How about joining The future of medicine is cash based practices, and the more primary care docs we sign up, the more will need cash participating specialists!


Anonymous said...

Given all the money that I've heard that people spend on their dogs, this does not surprise me.
Could be quite lucrative.

In my circle of contacts/friends am aware of a cervical lami done on a neighbor's great dane, meningioma resection on a lab, amputation for sarcoma in a dobie, lyme disease tx in a mutt.

Maybe you need to join the local labrador retriever club to make some contacts!


Kb said...

Oh but they pet insurance too.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Start passing out cards at the Westminster Dog Show. ;)