Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Consumer Healthcare 2008

In case haven't heard, I was just e-mailed this exciting opportunity to purchase Consumer Healthcare 2008, which contains a whole host of exciting marketing strategy opportunities to manipulate the patient, er, healthcare consumer, for the low, low price of just 308.00 euros ($446.63 US dollars):
Consumer Healthcare 2008 is designed for hospital marketing executives and strategic planners. It includes insight into consumers health-related behaviors and characteristics, how they obtain health information, their decisionmaking relating to seeking treatment and selecting a provider, and the influence of marketing on the choices they make.

Using the behavioral analysis and segmentation guidelines in Consumer Healthcare 2008, hospitals can fine-tune marketing, better focus on specific patient demographics, address patient expectations, and, ultimately, improve patient satisfaction.
Not to mention, their bottom line.

Imagine, you can read about the Cancer "Market" outlook or the US Diet "Market" outlook with all of their profit potentials for 2008!

So don't be late! Get your copy today!

After all, there's still time to cut back on the number of healthcare providers like nurses and doctors to assure healthy profit margins in the upcoming year!


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