Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa's Preventative Maintenance

Might we be going a bit too far?
"My first concern is whether he could be developing the metabolic syndrome because of his truncal obesity, but he's had a good long life. He might be one of these people who are fit and fat," Dr. Applegate said. "But I wonder whether he might have lung disease like emphysema or COPD.I would want to check his lung function to make sure that coal dust and coming down chimneys is not a problem for him."
What would you recommend for Santa? A colonoscopy? PSA? Lipid panel? CT Calcium Scoring? Stress echo? Framingham Risk Scores? Low fat diet? Aspirin every day? Smoking cessation program? Yoga? Reiki?

I'd say, give the guy a break. He's got a big day ahead of him.



Kb said...

Oh Dr. Wes, do I have a new Santa for you ..... listen to the lyrics (the dancing girls might distract you).


We leave carrots and a bottle of water... and don't forget the oatmeal and glitter reindeer food. :) Merry Christmas!

DrWes said...


OMG! Santa's getting chest pain after watching that!... Lyrics? What lyrics? Quick, where's the nitroglycerin?...