Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

For the greeters at the front door,

For the kitchen staff,

For the transporters and maintenance workers,

For the security staff,

For the volunteers who visited the hospital today, and who visit tomorrow,

For the medical students and residents who drew the short straw,

For the secretaries, librarians, and clerical staff,

For the laboratory and xray technicians,

For the chaplains and social workers and engineers and groundskeepers,

For the administrators and directors,

For the nurses who go the extra mile,

For the doctors who cover this night, and yes,

For the patients too sick to be able to be with their families tonight:

From our home to yours,

May the peace and joy of this holiday season brighten your day and give you comfort.

Merry Christmas to all!



ipanema said...

A blessed, merry Christmas to you and yours, Dr. Wes! :)

Graham said...

Is that your house, Dr. Wes? We do luminaries in our neighborhood too! Merry Christmas!