Friday, December 21, 2007


A wonderful piece by our own Dr. Russell Robertson appeared in our local paper yesterday, and it's definitely worth a read regarding helping our fellow man this and every holiday season:
There are many opportunities to tangentially serve in ways that may be legitimately helpful but ultimately brief and may leave the servant feeling better than the served.

While I would happily endorse any and all forms of contribution, I would more heartily endorse a sustained commitment and one that supports an existing organization with a strongly developed presence. The self-enforced requirement to re-visit distressed persons or locales is sure to keep one both aware of the plight of others and to maintain a healthy sense of the injustices to which so many of our fellow human beings are subject. This can be especially useful for adolescents so long as they are prepared for what they might experience and not put in harm's way.
This is one to think hard about...


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