Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who's Got the Tiller?

The seas of health care are heavy with no end in sight.  The crew is tired. They're taking on water.  As fast as they can, they're bailing the ship, bucket by bucket.  They need a pump, but no one's listening.  Everyone is busy shouting.  And the captain?  Where's the captain?

No one's sure who the captain is any longer.



Dennis said...

Dr. Oz did a valve replacement on a 87 year old woman last night on NY Med. She must have had some kick ass insurance. Looks like its up to individual crew members to make the real decisions... as long as they can.

vanderleun said...

And Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot
Fighting in the captain’s tower
While calypso singers laugh at them
And fishermen hold flowers
Between the windows of the sea
Where lovely mermaids flow
And nobody has to think too much
About Desolation Row

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wes:

The previous captain of ablation technology was EP. It would appear that there is a new captain in town with sympathetic denervation.

Any thoughts?