Monday, October 24, 2011

Nurse's Union Sets New Definition of 'First Aid'

The Occupy Wall Street protests continued in Chicago and the nurses unions are dispensing a new form of "first aid:"
Outraged by the arrest of two nurses and a union organizer volunteering at the Occupy Chicago protest over the weekend, National Nurses United is planning a protest at Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office Monday.

The group, the nation's largest union of registered nurses, is calling on its membership in Chicago to picket City Hall on Monday morning to demand that misdemeanor trespassing charges against the nurses and all of the protesters be dropped.

The two nurses arrested were among a larger group marching with Occupy Chicago protesters and later set up a tent to provide first aid.

"It was the wrong move," RoseAnn DeMoro, the group's executive director, said Sunday. "We were there to make sure if the occupiers get harmed, they have first aid."
But pictures from the event in Chicago and elsewhere where the group was protesting suggests another more subliminal story line. In this picture the Twitter stream from the National Nurses United union, the police appeared restrained and tolerant of the protestors:

So what kind of "first aid" was being rendered in their tent?

Here are a few pictures from the same group's "first aid" tent in San Francisco taken from the same Twitter feed:

Hmmm. Were there donuts were in those boxes?

Shucks. Maybe not:

Well, no donuts, but there sure was plenty of splashy red nurses union propaganda available for sympathetic protestors to consume as "first aid."



Anonymous said...

Hey, get your free advertising where you can. Save a buck here and put it to better use elsewhere in your mission.

But seriously Wes, I find myself open to considering the whole thing, when I didn't used to. Things have changed.

Heck, the way things are going for MDs these days, you guys are a little under-represented, and need a little organizing yourselves, I do believe. Work'in for THE MAN kinda sucks now don't it?!


Tim Hulsey, MD said...

SCRN said, "Work'in for THE MAN kinda sucks now don't it?!"
Most of us don't "work for the man," and there are legal constraints to organizing. Besides, most union leaders are the most vocal, self-proclaimed socialists in the country, and some of us are really disgusted by socialism!
It is amazing how many problems have occurred in the Occupy areas regarding thievery, rape, flashing, invasion by the homeless, and large sums of money, which is kept where? THE BANK!!!!! Some of the Occupy organizations have encouraged assault victims not to go to the police.
If you've watched any of the video of their little "general assemblies" and watch the call and response protocol, it becomes obvious that these people will grow old and die before they agree on the shape of the conference table!
It's a good thing that most of the occupiers don't get to an open mic often. They indict themselves when they talk!

class blogger NI 357 said...

In occupy Pittsburgh, there are MD's volunteering for the medic tent.
I think you should go and help out too.

class blogger NI 357 said...

At Occupy Pittsburgh, there are MD's volunteering time at the medic tent. I think you should go down there and help out the nurses.
Susan Rose MSN, RN

Tim Hulsey, MD said...

Facilitation of sedition is not one of my top priorities. If those doctors are recently trained, who's going to work the other 128 hours of the week?