Thursday, December 03, 2009

Coronary Stent Gift Cards for the Holidays

Target has them.

Walmart has them.

Best Buy has them.

Just about every retailer has them for the holidays.

So why not get a gift card worth more than $1000 given to you by your friendly neighborhood coronary stent dealer?
Sign up today and you could:
  • Save up to $30 each month for six months on prescription antiplatelet (anticlotting) medication.

  • Participate in a personalized reminder service for your antiplatelet (anticlotting) medication.

  • Save up to $30 each month for six months on three cholesterol medications from Abbott Laboratories.

  • Through the FreeStyle Promise Program*, receive one FREE Freestyle Lite or FreeStyle Freedom Lite blood glucose monitoring system, save up to $50 every month (or up to $600 per year) on test strip co-pays, and have access to personalized health expertise by certified educators and ongoing product support.
To enroll, simply call 1-800-547-4386

To sign up for this program, you'll need your XIENCE V Patient Care Program card. You received this card from the hospital following implantation of a XIENCE V stent. When you call you'll also need your stent's product lot number. The product lot number can be found on the stent implant card. You received this card in your patient materials following the implantation of a XIENCE V stent. The stent implant card is purple and white, and has a color photo of a heart on it. If you do not have or have lost your XIENCE V Patient Care Program card or your stent implant card, be sure to contact your physician or the hospital.
Hey, what's a few perks among friends?

I've got mine (from our rep, mind you, not because I have a stent):

How about you?


PS: Oh, if you have Medicare, Medicaid and these things are covered, you can't use the card! (In other words, it's just a bad joke...)


Michael Kirsch, M.D. said...

Interesting marketing idea for our practice.

'Buy one colonoscopy at our regularl low price and receive the second procedure at...'

Look for me on a Cleveland streetcorner in a chicken suit.

Anonymous said...

... and after 6 months when the card expires you can stop your antiplatelet medication because it is too expensive. Then you will be back in the hospital with a STEMI and hopefully the cardiologist will again use an Xience stent!
What a great marketing ploy.

Marco said...

I'm still waiting for the 2-for-1 boob sale (any size adjustment) at the Plastic Surgeon's...