Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Glimpse: Medtronic's DTC Defibrillator Ad Campaign

The first public glimpse of Medtronic's direct-to-consumer ad campaign dubbed "What's Inside" made its debut yesterday. Electrophysiologists are wary about this tactic (Star Tribune):
“There was a lot of angst a decade or so ago when the pharmaceutical industry started advertising that it may not be entirely appropriate,” said Dr. Stephen Hustead, an electrophysiologist who implants ICDs with Metropolitan Cardiology Consultants in Coon Rapids. “But if this raises awareness about [sudden cardiac arrest], then it could be very positive. It depends on how it’s done.”
I still have a lot of angst now: if I thought this was genuinely for the good of patients instead of stockholders, I'd be more enthusiastic.


23:45 PM Addendum: Sid Schwab at Surgeonsblog adds his thoughts.

17 Jan 2006 2300: A link to the Medtronic commercial. - hat tip: TBTAM the Magnificent


Anonymous said...

Just saw Medtronic's ICD commercial. Now if I can just figure out if I'm wearing a 'fashion accessory' or if I have the latest thing in 'hot' consumer electronics. Never thought I would be able to use "Want to see my ICD?" as a pickup line. How about putting that on a T-shirt!

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

I read this post, then went to Medtronic's website and could not believe what I found. This ad campaign is using the "Peace of Mind" mantra straight from Digene's HPV campaign play book!

You've inspired a post over on my blog...

Love your blog, by the way...Will you be doing any more table top tricks? (That one was my favorite...)