Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

There is no way to describe the value in a vacation. Although there has been quite a hiatus since my last post, it has been time well-spent. We spent one day in Yellowstone National Park with friends. Touring the park in winter, without the crush of cars and crowds, was magical.

We chose to travel through the park was on one of these "Snow Coaches:"

They seat about 10 people to a car and permit you to delve deep in to the park. THe only other way to tour it this time of year is my snowmobile.

There is an incredible amount of wildlife in the park, and for those of us city folk, it was quite a thrill to see such sights:

The vistas across these geologic wonders are breathtaking:

And what would a stop be at Yellowstone, without watching Old Faithful geyser shoot its incredible steam blast hundreds of feet in the air!

Hope you have a wonderful and healthy New Year!

(I'm just glad this trip isn't over yet!)



A Bohemian Road Nurse said...

Beautiful pictures.

Moof said...

Those photos are beautiful! Whoever took them should be quite pleased!

I'm happy that you had a good vacation, and that you're back with us - blogging!

Have a peaceful and happy New Year!

Moof said...

Dr. Wes, now ... I have something to say to you. It's very important ... so pay close attention, OK?

*clears her throat*

... you've been TAGGED! (again!) >;o)