Thursday, December 14, 2006

You Are Christmas

To all the caregivers
Who make Christmas happen
Even when their hearts are heavy
Moments of rest too few…

You are Christmas.

To all the suffering
Who rise to the occasion
With a smile or a simple gift
Or permission for others
To celebrate without them…

You are Christmas.

To all the doctors and nurses and hospice workers
Whose own trees go undecorated and gifts go unsent
Because it seems every year
The hospitals are full at holiday time…

You are Christmas.

To all the parents
Who recapture the innocence of the season
For the sake of their children
With a song, a story, a silly ritual…

You are Christmas.

It was never about the strong, the shiny, the rich,
The loud,
It was always about the humble, the faithful, the courageous,
The quiet, hopeful ones.

- Diane and Wes

1 comment:

Artemis said...

Thanks -- this is a wonderful tribute to all caregivers.