Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dr Wes: Top Ten Posts of 2011

Seems everyone is doing the Top Ten of 2011 thing:So I thought "What the heck!" and looked back to choose my Top Ten picks from this blog over the past year. Some may be surprises, many might not be for regular readers of this blog. But one thing has been certain: it has been another very interesting year indeed. So here they are, one more time:

#10. The Results Are In: Age vs. Typing Speed

#9. Appointment Phishing

#8. Rebuttal: NEJM's Justistification for Medical Mystery Shoppers

#7. What They Know

#6. For Interns: Ten Rules to Go By

#5. How to Teach Facebook to an Eighty-Five Year Old

#4. Could a Bra Interfere With A Pacemaker or Defibrillator?

#3. EKG Du Jour #22: A Rare Classic

#2. Our Polite New World of Rationing

#1. How My iPhone Prevented and ER Visit (with Screenshots)

Thanks for all of you who have taken time to improve these posts by leaving your comments and criticisms. You have made it a truly enjoyable and informative year.

Happy holidays and here's to a great New Year of blogging in 2012!


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Tim Hulsey, MD said...

And what a year it was! Thanks for all the interesting posts!