Saturday, December 03, 2011

MedTees is Now on Facebook

I just put up the long-overdue MedTees Facebook page last evening. Since May, 2005 it's been an amazing ride with literally thousands of people worldwide purchasing shirts for themselves or their loved ones. (To give you some idea of the number of people we've touched, we sell approximately 250 shirts per month). Insodoing, we contribute to various charities involved with the support of people afflicted with many ailments. Here's a few ways people have used MedTees from our testimonial webpage:
"I am a bi-lateral above knee amputee (I have no legs!). I would like to thank you for providing us with shirts that keep our sometimes sick sense of humor going. Joking around about it is a big part of my rehabilitation. I am a Marine and I lost both my legs in Iraq along with three of my friends who are also bi-lateral and one who is a single above knee. We laugh about it all the time and have fun with it, cause how else can you cope with something like this. "

"Neil," Ishpeming, Michigan, Cpl/USMC, (Injured Dec 7th, 2005 Ar Ramadi , Iraq )
* * *

"Loved the philosophy behind your t-shirts. I bought two, one for my oldest daughter Teresa and one for me. Teresa is a cancer survivor. She loves the shirt, but mostly she appreciates the care associated with it."

* * *

"I wanted to thank you for your efforts and creativity in the t-shirts that you have put out. I had a Long QT incident and was dead for about 7-10 minutes. I was saved by my 8 year old son who dialed 911 and was doing rescue breathing on me when the paramedics arrived. I really like the "Death" t-shirt and the QT shirt. My husband even said that the QT shirt would promote questions by people. Thank you for bringing laughter to such a serious subject."

"Jennifer", Age 36, Colorado
Happy holidays to you all and thanks for making this so much fun.


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