Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Pressure's On: Last Day to Send a Picture of Your Favorite Holiday Wear

As a reminder, today's the last day to submit a quick picture of your favorite holiday tie, sweater, scrubs, shirt, underwear, socks - whatever - that I can use to photoshop a collage of gear worn by health care professionals all over the world for the holidays. (The original announcement has morphed by popular demand to allow submission of more creative forms of fashion expression.) Deadline is midnight (CST) TONIGHT.

Remember to send a relatively small (<=350K or so) picture of the item to me at wes - at - medtees - dot - com.

We've got a few pictures so far (tie pictured above was from Nick Genes, MD), but plenty more for the color pallate would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again and Happy holidays!


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