Monday, March 15, 2010

Back By Popular Demand: Sex, the Heart, and ED

Today, I proved what I suspected: if you want readership, write or Tweet about sex and the heart.

Needless to say, in a little over 30 minutes, I garnered 30 new Twitter followers by live-tweeting what I learned in the "Sex, the Heart, and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)" session at the American College of Cardiology meeting in Atlanta. For those who might have missed it, I have organized the tweets in chronicalogical order for your enjoyment benefit:
Okay, at Sex/Heart session: Standing room only. Docs, pharma here. Um, will doctors attending please stand up? #acc10

NEWS! Most people with CAD have ED! Up next: Cardiac response to sexual activity... #acc10

10 healthy married couples studied: all kinds of positions and O2 consumption measured. #acc10 orgasm rocks the heart rate up 72%!

Guys on top: MUCH more exertion for men. Who knew? #acc10 Large variability of HR & VO2 - younger men a bit more, um, vigorous.

Man on top: 3.3 Mets, partner on top 2.5 Mets. Uh oh: Topic now not PG-13 rated... #acc10

Extramarital sex: HR 96->150; later same day w/wife: HR 62->92. REAL data. Conclsn: extramarital sex more risky #acc10< In more ways than 1

2 flights of stairs w/o stopping equals one romp in the hay in terms of workout #acc10

Oops, seems 6 Mets of exertion on treadmill tolerated means sex is safe. #acc10 Rock on, folks!

RT @gruntdoc: twitter rank skyrocketing. NEWS! Most people with CAD have ED! Up next: Cardiac response to sexual activity...< heh #acc10

OMG! Lots of therapeutic options if meds don't work: topical, intrcavernosal or intrarethral options; implants too. #acc10 Can I go now?

Remember nitrate warning...wait 48 hrs after stopping nitrate b4 using Viagra or Cialis or Levitra. #acc10 Now if u have CP, don't call me.

RELAX trial: randomized trial (evaluating use of ED drugs) looking at "stiff hearts" (diastolic dysfn) underway. #acc10 Wait, I thought stiff was good.... [kidding]

Revatio 20tid & Adcirca 20 qd used for pulmonary HTN to decrease pulmonary pressures. #acc10 Looks like juicy sex stuff has to wait.

Email inbox full after twittering sex/heart info. #acc10 (well, not quite, but 13 new followers in under 30 min) < Proof that sex sells!

Zzzz. Discussing sildanefil (Viagra) in mice. #acc10 Mice have enough sex, can we move on?

Great! A woman is about to speak! #acc10 Endocrine aspects of sex - awww, talking about male hypogonadism. Sorry ladies...

Yikes! 2000 men with low testosterone had higher mortality in Europe. #acc10 Arnold (Swartzenegger) is safe.

Peak testosterone level in men is age 28! #acc10 I'm dyin'.... [scratch that] I'm dead.

Can we use ED to prevent heart disease? #acc10 ED is assoc w/ incr CV death. ID of pts offers opportunity to steal cases from urologists!

ED is, after all, a VASCULAR disease. #acc10 I've heart of a throbbing heart but... er, never mind. (Urologists beware).

Asking about ED is as good as drawing CRP level in men! #acc10 hey, great way to save $$$$!

We were introduced to a new concept: A cardiac sexologist! #acc10 I'm in!

Q: what about women? A: Women getting Viagra. Women w/pulmonary HTN report greater sexual activity #acc10 honey, you're script's waiting 4u!
So there you have it.

I must admit, that was, by far, the most fun I've ever had attending a scientific session.



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