Thursday, March 25, 2010


When I was a young boy, I remember the sleepless nights in anticipation of the upcoming family vacation. The day of the trip, my father would wake us at 4AM and we'd stagger to the Oldsmobile stationwagon in pajamas with pillows in tow, then climb into the bench-like back seat in the pre-warmed car. As the car pulled out from our driveway, we'd quickly settle in to another hour or two of sleep as my father tried to beat rush-hour traffic. Later, we'd wake to the sun hitting the windows of the car and peer our the window to an unfamiliar vastness, heading to somewhere new, exciting.

Now it is much different, but that is life, I suppose.

Now cases and schedules are either arranged before or after your absence from work. It is not wise to just to schedule patients, lest your productivity wane. Cell phones accompany you, capable of constant internet (and therefore e-mail) connection worldwide. With a handy-dandy key fob, internet access to patient charts can follow. Conference calls are a mere international 800 number and conference number away. I've even noticed by physician blogging colleagues Twittering from their vacation spots.

Which leads me to wonder, is this vacation?

I don't know, but the chance to be in a new spot for a while soaking some rays, playing some tennis and taking a boat ride on occassion sure is different than what I'm doing here, so this 'ol boy's gonna be outta here for vacation for a bit.

Hold down the blog-o-sphere, okay?



rlbates said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

have fun doctor!

Sarah Stewart said...

Know what you mean...I've been asked to give a presentation in Second Life...on Good Friday...of all days! :)