Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tracking Medical Procedures via the iPhone

If it's free, it's for me.

Especially if it's an iPhone app to track medical procedures:
That’s why Dr. Shanti Bansal developed a free iPhone application — “app” in Apple-talk — that lets doctors keep a record of each case and which procedure, from a cardiac MRI to a biopsy, they perform.

“The goal is to help physicians in training be the best physicians they can,” said Bansal, who practices at Yale-New Haven Hospital. “One of the reasons I came up with this is that I’m a cardiologist and in cardiology we do a lot of procedures. I lost track of hundreds of procedures during my first and second year” of residency.

Now, in about 30 seconds, each procedure can be entered into the iPhone.
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Anonymous said...

i think it's really neat, but there is no way that is faster than pencil and paper.
of course it is potentially less likely to get lost if you back it up somewhere else so you always have 2 copies of it.
the same people who keep track of their procedures on paper will use it but be slower at it.
it's nice to have the option though if you want to use it