Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Follow the ACC Meeting in Near Real-Time

Both Sarah Clarke, MD (@doctorsarah), pictured above, and I (@doctorwes) will be trying to Twitter (is that a verb?) several of the ACC Sessions while providing running commentary on the meeting today. (Stopping to open a laptop as I run from session to session just isn't realistic, I'm finding.)

If you have no idea how to get set up on Twitter, I explain it here. Also, comments made by ourselves and others in attendance can be viewed by searching for the hashtag "#ACC10" or "#acc10".

See you there.



Anonymous said...

Love it that you have met Dr. Clark and most anxious to learn about your discussions regarding Canadian health care.

Clinical Cases and Images said...

Re: "will be trying to Twitter (is that a verb?)"

"Tweet" is the verb, I think...

In any case, thank you for the great coverage of ACC 2010... :)