Saturday, January 05, 2008

Now You's Gettin' Smarter

A young medical student walks into a store advertising "Smart Pills." His exams are in two weeks and he decides, "Hmmm, maybe I should give those a try."

So he goes into the store. The store owner, seeing the desperate shape of the med student, smiled politely.

"How are you?"

"Oh, just fine. I'd like to get some of those smart pills, please. What's in them?"

The crafty old store owner leans forward and whispers, "It's special and top secret. But they really work!

The med student looked at the sign, advertising 30 pills for $19.99. He figured, what can he lose (except $20)? So he paid the man.

The store owner diasspeared into the back storage room where his small pet rabbit was caged. He placed 30 of the rabbit pellets in the bottle and placed the top on the container, then reappeared to the front counter and handed to the med student.

"Here ya go! Just take one of 'deez every night before studying and I'll guarentee you'll gets smarter and smarter, ya hear?"

So the med student went home, eager to try them out. He had tons to study for his microbiology, pathology and histology exams were coming up in the same week. He took one of the pills as the store owner suggested.

Just then, this huge wave of nausea overtook him.

"What the ...?? These taste like rabbit sheiiit!" He was furious and stormed back to the store.

He barged in and said, "Hey buddy, these so-called Smart Pills - they taste like rabbit sheeiit!"

To which the store owner smiled and replied: "Now, you's gettin' smarter."


So why the story? Well, just to remind us that there's a lot more to medical school than just what's taught in books. And the thought that Canada wants to correct their doctor shortage by returning to three-year medical school curricula because doctors can be trained faster and it's less expensive, well I say, why not give the med students up there some "Smart Pills," too.


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