Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ballot E-Stuffing

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Holy Cow! I just found out from KevinMD's blog that the 2007 Medical Blog Awards can be voted (like Chicago's politics) every day!

It's electronic ballot e-stuffing! What a deal!

So head on over to Medgadget once a day, every day, until the 20th of January at midnight and vote for your favorite med blogs!

Yeee haaaa!


Update 14Jan2008 @ 2005: Yikes! Thanks for Dr. Val for pointing this out: Looks like I'm wrong on this. Medgadget's rules state that you should vote once and only once. So BEHAVE and disregard my recommendation above. Sorry about the confusion!



Anonymous said...

The MedGadet rules state:

"Voting for the awards will be open to all, but you will only be able to vote once. (No hacking or cookie manipulation will be tolerated -- only one vote for each category from a particular IP address.)"

So I think Kevin was wrong on this point... FYI. :(

DrWes said...

Dr. Val-
Thanks for the tip! I'll post an update to the post.