Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Neat and Tidy

... and dumb.
A surgical gown has been developed to help medical students get a closer understanding of what it is like to go under the knife.

. . .

The idea is that it should be worn by students in the classroom, and supplement traditional teaching aids in helping to explain surgical procedures.

Plastic models can be used to show areas of the body where incisions will roughly be made, say the creators, but give no sense of empathy for the patient.

Potentially, the gown could also help explain procedures to patients.
How about going to see a patient with the scar instead? Must everything in medical education be depersonalized and sterilized?



Kb said...

Will that be like the game Operation? Buzzzz!

ck said...

Thank you.

I had read this article, come to the same conclusion, and thought maybe I was being a bit overly critical.

Thank God my medical school doesn't spend resources on such fads -- we still use cadavers in gross anatomy and talk to real patients.