Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cardiology Hospitalist: A New Career Path?

Cardiology Hospitalist?
Will provide direct clinical support, evaluating ED patients for admissions, follow-up care, expediting discharges, assisting with cardiac emergencies, completion of CORE measures, coordinating care teams of house staff and nursing staff. Plenty of opportunity to attend cardiology conferences, lectures, grand rounds.
Opportunty, certainly, but I've never seen any hospitalists attend our cath conferences or most medical conferences for that matter... they're just too busy "expediting discharges."

Sneaky marketing, though, but I'd suggest that the potential "cardiology hospitalist-to be" look at this position with some skepticism.



Anonymous said...

we had a number of them when i was at univ of washington and univ of iowa. looking to get into fellowships, so they attended the conferences like crazy. of course they were called the heart failure attending.

DrWes said...

Yikes! What's next? The "pulmonary hospitalist" who's dubbed the "intensivist?"

DrWes said...

And this just in:

The Wall Street Journal reports of the initial public offering of The Hospitalist Company at $16 per share.

Seems subspecialties might be marginalized and have another competetive force to consider out there after all...

Anonymous said...

I thought Cardiology Hospitalists were cardiologists that only saw patients in hospitals and had no outpatient practices. There are neurologists that do this.