Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Medical Grand Rounds Floats Your Boat While You Vote

The best of Medical Blogging this week can be found at Medical Staff Services Professionals Nexus Blog. Be sure your credentials packet is up to date, lest you be stopped in the halls...
Before a surgeon's scalpel cuts open a patient, before a generalist signs a prescription, someone like Rita Schwab gets involved. She's a Medical Staff Service Professional and, simply put, MSSPs make the hospital run by verifying the credentials of its physicians and staff. Jobs like Schwab's are increasingly gaining prominence, in part due to today's risk-averse, more transparent hospital administrations, but also in part due to Web sites like MSSPnexus, Schwab's effort to reach out to colleagues and those who'd like to learn more about her role.
But on the way, don't forget to vote today!

From a Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive Poll published 24 Oct 2006:
Healthcare Is an Important Issue (Sub-Net)68%66%81%69%
Healthcare will be the most important issue to me14111713
Healthcare will be an important issue to me, but less important than other issues54556457
Healthcare will not be a very important issue to me in the election19291224
I do not plan to vote on November 7th13577

Let's try to make that 13% of folks not voting a bit smaller...

May your favorite candidate win!


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