Sunday, November 26, 2006

Infectious Disease: Bad Place for Malpractice Law

It's amazing how fast plantiff's lawyers will dump their clients seeking compensation for acquiring MRSA infections in Kentucky once real data regarding infection rates (and the difficulties with their interpretation) become available.



Dr. A said...

Hmmm... That's interesting. Why don't we get lawyers other data so that they can drop other "malpractice" cases.

Anonymous said...

Nobody should get an infection like this in the OR," she said, adding that she hadn't heard about this week's meeting until being notified by a reporter. "I'm not broken-hearted that anybody is going to withdraw from the cases. … I just want changes to be made."
Apparently she is a lawyer and an RN! What kind - veterinary?
This is the most stupid statement possible - anyone can get MRSA - for all she knew she was already colonised from being an RN or from birth (from being a lawywer)