Sunday, December 03, 2017

When Medical Subspecialty Societies Do Harm

Pediatrician Meg Edison, MD gives her take on her "MOC failure:"
I am a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics against my will. I find it morally reprehensible to financially support an organization that harms fellow physicians. I find it demoralizing to know my money supports their lobbying efforts against our state MOC legislation. Yet I paid in order to see my patients. I paid so I could still be a doctor. The American Board of Pediatrics could ask for another $1500 next year, and I’d have to pay again. There is no choice.

Is it possible I was targeted for being so outspoken on MOC? Possibly. My initial letter to the ABP has over 100,000 views. My medical society has used me on the cover of their magazine and their website dedicated to fighting forced MOC. The ABMS Senior Vice President knows me by sight, and has watched me testify against forced MOC in our state capitol on multiple occasions.

But I’ve been contacted by countless quiet Michigan physicians threatened and decredentialed for simply refusing to pay for MOC. It doesn’t matter who you are, an outspoken physician with a state medical society behind you…or a solo practitioner quietly trying to stay afloat…you must comply.

I don’t know the solution to this problem. It seems like every legal, logical, and ethical boundary that should prevent a certifying company from gaining such absolute unchecked power has been ignored, and every professional organization that should help us is impotent.

My state medical society has held clear policy opposing board certification, let alone MOC, for insurance plan participation for 20 years. They’ve been negotiating for 20 years, yet aggressive MOC discrimination continues. The AMA has strong policy opposing MOC abuse, but refuses to do anything. The FTC should see this monopoly as a clear anti-trust violation. They are waking up, but still not acting. I am baffled the IRS doesn’t question the million dollar salaries raked in by these “non-profit” organizations. It seems like this would be a slam-dunk class action lawsuit for some smart law firm, but no one is interested in the case. State legislation is likely our best bet, but the lobbying power of insurers, hospitals, the billion dollar ABMS certification industry and their codependent specialty societies is nearly impossible to fight.

If nothing is done, ABMS will win, because their entire coercive business model relies upon our professionalism. As physicians, we take an Oath to “Do No Harm”. We promise this to our patients.

My first emotion when I heard my patients were forced to receive care in the ER was not anger at ABMS. It was gut-wrenching guilt. I dared to speak. I dared to fight. I underestimated their power. I was stupid enough to think MOC was a physician issue. It never crossed my mind that my patients would be harmed. I know better now. The next time they ask for another check, I will comply, and they know that. I just hope something is done before then. Primum non nicer.
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Anonymous said...

Dr. Edison, I hope you have complained to your state medical board concerning their behavior. This would seem akin to an abusive coworker. Could your complaint include if you have made one, is the participation in MOC is less than the standard of care and with the time and monies spent could be construed as denying patient care? MOC has issues with patient harm such as loss of wages, embarrassment loss of job, if a good physician did not pass a questionable multiple choice exam from a false bureacracy. This would then have your state medical board evaluate them and use their resources to evaluate MOC and take a fiduciary stand.

Lisa said...

I just want to comfort both Wes & Meg that if something happens we will know right away who the suspects are, and will pursue justice on the matter if you get one of these:

Be of good cheer, don't give up, keep fighting. There is so much #PedoGate stuff coming out in the open, and so many people pushing to loosen protections for children, the country needs good pediatricians and good US Citizens that will see something/ say something and protect and care for the youth.

Things are tough but could be worse. It seems like there is at least some effort to clean up law enforcement at all levels, including federal, and go after corruption. The DOJ can't do very much until cleaned up and also needs the FBI doing it's best. Some controversy about FBI "being in taters" They deny it but SHOWME! SHOW ALL OF US! and then we will believe the FBI is of good repute.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Edison,

Consider writing a book chronicalling your trials and tribulations. It's one thing to discuss on the multiple reasons why MOC is wrong but it is different when if personally affects others. I bet it would be a good read and might influence others in the legal area and FTC to think about why they are being lax in investigating MOC.

Voiceless said...

Whenever I hear Meg Edison's words, she speaks to the core. The problem and solution are clear. End MOC now.

Dr. Edison reveals more truth and real feeling in just a few words than all the words/communications of the past forty years combined coming from the ABMS umbrella, boards and medical societies.

I weep inside to see how far we've fallen as human beings when testing company and medical society executives fail to hear the voice of conscience or truth anymore.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fisher is right when he says that the only thing to do is to end mandatory MOC. A huge weight will be lifted from patients, physicians, medical societies and boards.

Ltng Bg. said...

Just think of it. Medical societies were once member-driven. The boards were actually about self-regulation involving physicians.

Now it is all corrupted beyond recognition. In seeing clearly we find the solution and action.

End mandatory MOC immediately, as the American Medical Association House of Delegates overwhelmingly resolved over a year ago.

Bud said...

ABMS physician failure rates are abominable. Whole swathes of physicians in each and every one of the medical specialties have been harmed by the ABMS MOC mandates and the unbelievable bullying the executives and their staff engage in. It is unbelievable that physicians don't go to a judge and get a cease and desist order.



They really don't know what they are doing. Look at the new MOC bogus "Knowledge Check-Ins" every two years. Just try to figure out their ridiculous failure scenario.

Why are they worried about failure in their most recent and most complicated and confusing version of the ABMS Ponzi scheme to date? It keeps getting worse not better. They have made an utter mess out of everything.

They have been so distracted with their MOC core money programs and nascent and legacy data collection schemes the ABIM has let their once-prized certification and its program to fall into shambles. More future rubble heaped on the nightmarish Walnut Street Suites where phantasms are giants and sound thinking a dwarf in their brains.

Can't somebody wake them up?

They need to end MOC. The ABMS is only protracting the pain and confusion by not doing what they should.

They need to get their cronies in the industry to END MOC's ties to employment and reimbursement. State Legislators should not have to spend public money on something the ABMS medical boards should volunteer to do now.

Do they enjoy the pain they inflict on themselves and others by what they abhorrently "maintain"?