Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Status Check

For my regular followers, I apologize for being so negligent on updating this blog recently.  Rest assured, I'm not dead, sick, or having family troubles - I'm just busy as hell.  Taking a week off for attending a Scientific Session wreaks havoc on one's professional life these days. 

I also find that I am more judicious about what I post these days.  For me, I enjoy supplying original content to the blog-o-sphere rather than just links to cool articles.  Sure, there's a place for that and, honestly, I could probably monetize this blog to a rockin', sockin' monetary powerhouse by doing little else, but that's not why I'm here. (My Adsense volume is about enough to pay for my server fees.)  I do this, I've finally realized, because I enjoy writing, having a voice, and advocating for a cause.  Doctors, you see, need a voice in this huge, increasingly corporate world of medicine these days.  This is my place of refuge, my therapist, my touchstone for what matters.

So if I'm not posting all the time, consider it a sign of blogging maturity, not negligence.   I'd rather post something of relevance rather than just drivel.  Rest assured, there are things cooking in the background that I can't wait to share with you.

Thanks for hanging in there.



Anonymous said...

welcome back!
an area surgeon actually retired much too young this year.
Reason? You guessed it and I quote:
I did not leave health care; healthcare left me. Sad.. Looking forward to your " finds".

CardioNP said...

Mentioned yours and Dr Mendrola's blogs to one of our pacer reps the other day. He was familiar with them both. So your voices are being heard.
Keep up the good work.