Friday, March 08, 2013

Boston Scientific Issues Alert Regarding Their New Subcutaneous ICD

The company has received reports of 4 instances in which a fuse inside the subcutaneous ICD was activated inappropriately, which could cause the devices to fail. No adverse events have yet been reported, according to Boston Scientific.

"The company is issuing a software update that takes less than a minute to complete using a programmer in the physician's office," Boston Scientific senior VP of global corporate communications Denise Kaigler told us today. "We recommend patients with recently implanted S-ICDs meet with their doctors for a follow-up visit to receive the software update."


Lisa said...

Well, it figures! One more reason to regret having agreed to get the thing in the first place. I wonder if Aetna will agree to remove it so soon.

Unknown said...

Does anyone have any experience to share going from a conventional ICD to a subcutaneous ICD?