Monday, August 22, 2011

Beware of Direct-Message Twitter Phishing

It was sent by direct message:
@personyoufollow Thought you'd should know they're saying really, really bad things about you over here http://ts.****.co
... or maybe this:
@personyoufollow Thought you'd like to see the photo I took of you... http://ts.****.co

I've seen a few of these Twitter messages on my iPhone and they seem to be more prevalent recently. The link provided in these messages doesn't take you to a forum or a photo, but rather to an official Twitter-like front page where you have to enter your "Full name" and e-mail as part of the log-in process. It is, of course, an attempt to gather your personal information. But for reason I don't understand, the iPhone OS (a la Safari) does not recognize these malicious URL's, but Firefox and Chrome on a more conventional desktop does recognize these sites for what they are: malicious software attempting to obtain your personal information.

Doctors and other health care providers may not be aware of these scams...

... 'til now.

So beware, it's the internet out there, remember?


BEWARE Of Twitter Phishing DM –“Someone said this real bad thing about you in a blog”

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