Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Making of a Doctor

... or mad scientist:

7th Grade Frog Dissection (Click to enlarge - if you dare)

Some say my tongue's still out when I do pacemakers... just hard to see behind the mask...




Tim said...

It would be...funny... interesting... enlightening... embarrassing to see what our faces look like behind the operative mask! Maybe that's the real reason we wear mask in the OR– nothing to do with sterile technique!
I don't suppose boys will get to see the "E-w-w-w-e!" factor on the girl's faces anymore with "virtual" frogs. Where's the fun in that?!
( Am I being politically incorrect?)

Anonymous said...

During my frog dissection in high school my partner flipped the tray and the frog; we both went to catch it. I got stabbed with a scalpel in my palm. Still can see the scar.

wv: splady - what happened to my hand