Friday, July 14, 2006

A Bit of Brits and Booze

In the honor of those heading off the Happy Hour on Friday, it was "refreshing" to see that the Brits enjoy their beer, too - to the tune of about $40US per week (22 British pounds). And while this may seem excessive, realize that most Americans relish wine over beer at happy hour (it's more 'sophisticated'), yet ounce for ounce, wine has more calories.

But that hasn't stopped the British Beer and Pub Association:
Sceptics will argue that although beer has fewer calories than wine, it comes in pints while wine is served in smaller measures.

However, Mr (George) Phillistick (of the the British Beer and Pub Association) says the gap is narrowing - the typical wine serving has crept up from 125ml to 175ml. Many bars now serve a large 250ml glass as a matter of course, which is equivalent to a third of a bottle.
What bar is that one? After all, there are some data that a bit of wine can be good for your heart:
There is compelling epidemiological evidence suggesting that regular light-to-moderate alcohol intake is associated with reduced atheromatous morbidity and mortality. It is interesting to note that while atherogenesis takes many decades, the beneficial effects of alcohol accrue only in later life. The reasons for this are uncertain but the effects may be a combination of plaque stabilisation (sic), analogous to the effects of some cholesterol lowering drugs which affect coronary endpoints relatively quickly, and an antithrombotic effect.
So talk to your doctor. And have a nice, er, sober weekend -


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