Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Power of the people

It's been a while since my last post here. It's a crazy time. My son is working for UPS off-loading trucks, and those guys are REALLY working LONG hours to make sure we get those packages we ordered, medical supplies delivered, and office gifts distributed. He had one guy INSIST that his computer was on that truck (it wasn't) and climbed on board and scoured through the back like a mad-man, complaining he had taken the entire day off from work waiting for this shipment! What a narcisistic guy! God forbid he call and track the delivery! Anyway, fortunately one jerk's behavior was quickly circumventented by plenty of other folks offering coffee and cookies to the laborers from UPS at many stops. It really shows that MOST folks are genuinely good people and can think about others toiling late a night to make the holidays a bright one. This holiday, be sure to remember your mailman, garbage man, postal worker, UPS deliverer (it might be my son :) ), FedEx worker, etc. Hey, we're all human and kindness goes alot further than narcissistic tyraids.

In case you're still looking for a gift for the office or your boss, there has been alot of interest in our shirt for "obsessive compulsives." It certainly makes a statement and makes folks think.... anyway, it's sure to bring a smile and, yes, a portion of proceeds are donated to the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation.

Also, just wanted to update folks on the puch to raise $500 for hurricaine victims through the sale of t-shirts on we're up to $329 from the beginning of the campaign! Thanks to all who have bought shirts.... Every little bit helps, and the contributions to the advocacy groups are also important. And we still have quite a few days before the New Year. We'll post our first 6 month's contributions in Jan '06 when we get a final tally.

Stay healthy-

-- Wes

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