Monday, November 21, 2005

Weight Consciousness For All

Wow, just met a really wonderful woman who has been battling weight gain. She's had 11 kids and devoted here entire earlier years to their well-being and support. Unfortunately, along the way she's gained WAY too much weight. She now has arthritis, asthma, and diabetes. At 5'2" and >230 lbs (privacy dictates this be withheld) she has decided to loose weight and joined Weight Watchers. She's lost 20 lbs! She's done great but her friend got sick and she has noone to help her through. So we've added a Forum on for her plight. Hopefully she'll register soon (I bet she will). If you're trying to loose weight, go on over and lend your support. Maybe we can start something to help fight the battle against obesity.



Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. "Wes",

Loved the philosophy behind your t-shirts. I bought two, one for my oldest daughter Teresa and one for me. Teresa is a cancer survivor. She loves the shirt, but mostly she appreciates the care associated with it. She thinks that my doctor and his wife must be "pretty cool". I think she is right.

I cannot quite wear my shirt yet, "Ablation is My Salvation", for I am still a work in progress.

I will see you, Dr. Wes, on December 13th for part two. Yuck!

Have a nice Thanksgiving,

Mart 11/23/05

DrWes said...

Thanks for your nice note. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!