Sunday, November 20, 2005

Health-related Social Isolation

Anybody out there get diagnosed recently with a tough illness and care to describe your feelings, where you got help, who helped support you, and how you got through? It might help others... who knows?



Anonymous said...

I know it could always be worse...however, each of us is unique with our own health issues. At 22, I have had chronic headaches for fours years now and it has really been quite awful. After 25 doctors and 65 medications, nothing has been found. Doctors have no idea what is causing the pain and I am resistent to medications for an unknown reason. It has been a day after day struggle living with pain 24/7 while trying to get through college and lead a half normal life. Although support has been extremely lacking, there have been some people that have kept me going. I will be honest, it is very hard living in chronic pain and it takes a huge toll on you physically and emotionally. However, I will not quit searching for answers. As hard as it is, you just have to keep going. And believe me, I know how amazingly hard it is...I been there and still am there day in and day out. You just can't give up.

DrWes said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I can't imagine what your situation has been like. Your story demonstrates your incredible courage, perseverence and most of all, the power of others to help you through this ordeal. The amazing thing is.... with your post, there might just be another person out there you just helped by silently acknowledging that there are others out there with chronic pain, and perhaps gave them inspiration to keep going.

Thank you-